Bajaj Eliminator ZL1000

Bajaj Eliminator ZL1000

Rok výroby 1987 - 1988

Model: Eliminator (1985 - 2007)

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Anglicky (český popis chybí)

The ZL1000 was an evolution of the ZL900, sporting a larger engine shared with the ZG1000 Concours and 34 mm carburetors. The styling of the ZL1000 was much more conservative than that of the 900, with a longer rear fender and a much larger fuel tank, this motorcycle was only available for 2 years, 1987 and 1988, but mostly sold in UK, Australia and the US in 1987. 100 HP models were sold in Germany, France, and Sweden. The ZL1000 shares the same strong following as the ZL900.

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