Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak

Rok výroby 1972 - 2009


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The Bajaj Chetak was a popular Indian-made motor scooter produced by the Bajaj Auto company. The Chetak is named after Chetak, the legendary horse of Indian warrior Rana Pratap Singh.

Originally based on Italian Vespa Sprint, Chetak was an affordable means of transportation for millions of Indian families for decades and is lovingly called Hamara Bajaj (Our Bajaj).

Around 1980, the Vespa-licensed design was replaced with an all new in-house design that shared the same general appearance and style. During its heyday its chief competitor was LML NV made by LML India as a licensed copy of the Vespa PX 150. In the face of rising competition from bikes and cars, Chetak lost ground in India, and production was discontinued in 2009.

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Bajaj Chetak
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Bajaj Chetak
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Chetak 2003 chetak 2003 owners manual.pdf Anglicky 2.17 MB 57

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Chetak 2004 chetak spare parts catalog rev dec 2004.pdf Anglicky 5.87 MB 75
Chetak bajaj chetak wiring diagram b w nov 2002.pdf Anglicky 607 KB 1
Chetak bajaj chetak cdi cl111022 tech note test p1 2.pdf Anglicky 113 KB 2
Chetak bajaj cheetak service manual.pdf Anglicky 1.61 MB 24

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